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Cubot C7 IP68 Waterproof

Cubot C7 IP68 Waterproof

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Cubot C7 IP68 Waterproof

Cubot C7 IP68 Waterproof offers 24-hour heart rate monitoring. Featuring a battery life of up to 15 days and a magnetic-suction charging method. Enjoy fast shipping from OnlyBrands, to ensure you always get the 100% original style you love.

All Day Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitor your heart rate to get a comprehensive view on how your heart behaves during the day as well as when you sleep.

Up to 15 Days Battery LifeMagnetic-suction charging

Sleep monitoring

Record the sleep data to delve deeply into sleep quality and patterns

Call & SMS Notifications

C7 will notify you of any important calls and messages anywhere at any time.

IP68 Water Resistance

It can accompany you for daily use and shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool

Control Music

It's easy to switch songs after connecting the smartwatch to your smartphone.

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