Nakama Shop Online is available for sale in Venezuela and Latin America!

We are very happy to announce that our store located in Italy is available for the Venezuelan and Latin American markets via with all the casual-urban European fashion at the door of your home . Just select the language and currency in the lower part of the page so that you can read it in Spanish!
Thank you to our commercial contracts with trusted suppliers and the company in Miami, USA, it is possible that you can make your purchases from and to Venezuela , directly placing your Venezuelan direction without the need to create cases or other intermediaries. En Latinoamérica tus pedidos también llegarán seguros , cuentas con nuestra garantía de reembols o si no llega tu order!
Buy through our portal clothes, shoes and accessories for ladies and horsemen at the best prices and with the most convenient shipping rate on the market.
Pay comfortably with international card Master Card, Visa or American Express , PayPal , Scalapay , Gpay and ApplePay .
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Why is it better to buy in Nakama Shop Online?

  • Because the prices are competitive
  • Shipping costs are convenient
  • We offer you advice in your purchase to find the right size for your medicine and if you don't get it, we will get it for you!
  • We accompany you in the trayecto de tu mercancía from the salida del proveedor hasta la llegada al país.
  • We offer you tres modos de ganar con nosotros:
    • The opportunity to care even more among our representatives in Venezuela will assist you and we will be able to offer permanent discount promotions that will help you save on your shipping costs.
    • Earn money without having to reverse your spending on your purchases and convict yourself with our representative .
    • We protect your bonds in inflationary bubbles since our commission payments will be changed from day to month following your vents.
    • Gain the double conversion as an official and exclusive reseller of the Nakama Shop Online .
If you are interested , contact a representative directly or do business with us directly at sales . We offer interesting discount plans for resellers.


We work with the main international official mail companies. Your product will be connected to your shipping logistics. You may have retraction for external causes such as Christmas, local secrets and unexpected international events that may slow down the international transport flow, but we provide you with a tracking number to follow the progress of your business:


ITALY : from 10 to 18 days
AUSTRIA : 8 to 17 days
BELGICA : 10 to 15 days
BULGARIA : 10 to 15 días
DENMARK : 13 to 23 days
FRANCE : 6 to 12 days
ALEMANIA : 8 to 15 días
GREECE : 6 to 12 días
IRELAND : 6 to 12 días
PAÍSES BAJOS : 8 to 15 days
POLAND : 5 to 15 days
PORTUGAL : 5 to 15 days
UNIQUE KINGDOM : 7 to 12 days
ESPAÑA : 7 to 15 days
SUECIA : 12 to 16 days


ARGENTINA : 15 to 35 días (with PostNL). Packages of more than 2.5 kg from 3 to 7 days
BOLIVIA : 15 to 35 días (with PostNL). Packages of more than 2.5 kg from 3 to 7 days
BRASIL : 15 to 25 días (with Crema BR)
CANADA : 10 to 20 days
CHILE : 15 to 25 días (with Packet Sensitive)
COLOMBIA : 12 to 22 días (with Paquete Sensible)
MEXICO : 13 to 20 days
PARAGUAY : 15 to 35 días (with PostNL). Packages of more than 2.5 kg from 3 to 7 days
PERU : 15 to 35 días (with PostNL). Packages of more than 2.5 kg from 3 to 7 days
ESTADOS UNIDOS : 7 to 15 days
URUGUAY : 25 to 55 days. Packages of more than 2.5 kg from 3 to 7 days
VENEZUELA : 20 to 45 días (vía puente internacional con Miami, FL. Salidas a Venezuela todos los viernes)